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EBC operates the only Trinity CertTESOL course in Madrid, Spain. You can check this by visiting this Trinity College web page.

The Trinity CertTESOL is a gold-standard qualification and is one of two that is internationally accepted and recognised by the prestigious British Council, a Royal Charter institution that specialises in international cultural and educational opportunities with top quality schools in more than 110 countries.

In addition to a premium TESOL certification, EBC also gives you lifetime, worldwide, proactive job placement at no additional cost.

EBC’s Trinity College CertTESOL course comprises 200 hours of total qualification time, 130 hours guided learning and 70 hours of self-study. The course gives you the essential TESOL knowledge and skills you will need to teach English as a foreign language. The course covers a comprehensive introduction to contemporary theory and practical application in the classroom, with an emphasis on professional awareness and development.

The Trinity CertTESOL qualification is listed at Level 5 on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications in the UK and is designed to support you throughout your teaching careers from starting out to experienced professional.

In order to graduate with the Trinity CertTESOL you will complete and pass 5 units of work under the expert guidance of EBC’s Trinity College approved course trainers.

  1. Teaching skills – This unit covers the practical skill of teaching and includes observations where you watch experienced teachers, plus six hours where you are observed teaching. Featuring feedback and reflection, the unit gives you teaching knowledge and practical classroom experience.
  2. Language awareness and skills – This unit builds your knowledge of language itself and includes lexis, grammar, phonology and discourse. The unit also looks at assessment of language skills and the different varieties of English around the world.
  3. Learner profile – This unit covers one-to-one teaching and assessment and involves you diagnosing a real learners’ needs. You then plan learning to help your chosen learner in his or her areas of need.
  4. Materials assignment – This unit looks at classroom materials and your ability to use, adapt, produce and evaluate materials in a classroom setting. NOTE: This unit is assessed by the Trinity College appointed external moderator.
  5. Unknown language – This unit shows you what it is like to learn a new language by making you a foreign language leaner. You will be taught a foreign language e.g. Norwegian or Polish to help you build empathy with your learners and experience effective teaching techniques.


The EBC Trinity CertTESOL course in Madrid includes gold-standard TESOL certification, worldwide, lifetime, proactive job placement, social events and local assistance.

EBC also offers accommodation and a one year student visa plus a Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish language programme as optional extras.

Get your teaching adventure off to a flying start with EBC and one of the two best TESOL certificates in the world supported by worldwide job placement for life!

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    Your Trinity CertTESOL TESOL certification course takes place in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

    Madrid is, undoubtedly, the best place to find English teaching jobs in Spain.

    Its privileged central location makes it easier to travel all around Spain and even to other European cities.

    The fact that Madrid is the financial and business center of Spain translates into more job offers, and even though living expenses may be higher than in other parts of Spain, salaries make up for it.

    Madrid has a terrific nightlife and outstanding cultural and artistic activity delight both locals and visitors.

    Do not let the idea of a big and cosmopolitan city mislead you: Madrid still retains a very Spanish outlook on life, with over three million citizens eager to share their beautiful traditions and views with all those lucky enough to experience them.


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    Q Questions about the course and what you will learn

    Visit https://www.ebcteflcourse.com/questions-about-the-4-week-ebc-international-tefl-certificate-course/?ref=DoTEFL for more information.


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