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The UNI-Prep online TESOL Diploma course is an advanced teaching qualification. It is suitable for individuals who have completed a TESOL / TEFL Certificate course, and for those who are looking to directly enrol in and complete a more advanced course. Graduates of our TESOL Diploma course are eligible to apply for more competitive positions and are typically offered higher pay. Upon graduation, you will receive both a 120-hour TESOL Certificate and a 250-hour TESOL Diploma.

The course includes extensive video lectures to supplement other course materials. It also includes a variety of activities that you can use in the classroom. You’ll receive:

  • All tuition and materials
  • TESOL Diploma & TESOL Certificate – shipped to you for free
  • A choice of either a TESOL and TEFL certificate, since our TESOL Diploma course meets the requirements of both
  • Letter of recommendation
  • All specialization courses, including Teaching English Online, Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Business English, and several more
  • Tutor support

Set yourself apart from other TESOL graduates through an advanced teaching qualification and enrol in the online UNI-Prep TESOL Diploma course to increase your opportunities.

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    Q What are the entry requirements to take this course?

    The online TESOL / TEFL Diploma course is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has completed a high school diploma. We do not check your age or completion of high school during registration as we trust that you meet these requirements. You don't need to be an American/Canadian or in USA/Canada to take the course. We accept students that are located all around the world and citizens of every country. You also don't need to be a native English speaker, but you should be proficient in English. You don't need a degree and you don't need teaching experience.

    Q When can I start this course?

    The course is online and there are no start and end dates. You can start the course at anytime. Once you register, you will receive a login and password to begin the course. You have a maximum of 1 year to complete the course.

    Q How long will it take to complete the course?

    This depends on you because you will be studying at your own pace. Most students complete the course in 4-6 weeks, but it depends on how often and quickly you will study. The course is 250-hours of study time and you have a maximum of 1 year to complete the course.


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