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The 60 hour TESOL/TEFL Course for Online Teaching prepares participants to teach English online to non-native English speakers.  Participants must be fluent in English.

The 60 hours are broken down as follows:  40 hours of theory, 5  hours of observation in our own classrooms, and 15 hours of teaching practicum in our own classrooms.  The course is administered through an LMS and provides immediate feedback as one moves through the course. It is asynchronous and self-paced, however there is always a mentor available for questions or additional feedback.  It is designed to be completed in 1-4 months and is scored pass/fail at 80% achievement.

The 40 hours of online theory includes these modules:

SLA Approaches and Methodology, Activities for Online Teachers, Preparation and Planning for the Online Classroom, Online Teaching Technology and Your Online TESOL Career

To aid our participants in finding online job placements, we introduce our graduates to our ever-growing online partners, which currently include: VIPKID, PREPLY, 31ABC, Fluency Tutors and EF

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    Q What types of jobs are available to me after I graduate?

    For graduates of the TESOL/TEFL Certificate for Online Teaching program, Promise Opens Doors provides ongoing assistance in trying to find a teaching position online. This process starts even before a participant graduates, as Promise begins connecting our prospective teachers with our growing network of partner employers.
    Since Promise Opens Doors is also an employer of online EFL teachers, our graduates also get first consideration for new positions when they become available.

    Q When taking classes, do I have to be online at a particular time and day?

    This course is entirely self-paced and does not require a participant to be available at specific times and days. Grading is done by the LMS automatically, with the exception of a few more in-depth assignments which are graded by our instructors.
    At any time, a Promise Opens Doors' instructor is available for consultation or questions.

    For those enrolled in the 60-hour course with practicum, they will have to be able to set a specific schedule for when they do the teaching element. Class times are typically either evening times, or early morning Eastern Time.

    Q How long does the program last?

    For the 60-hour course, participants have up to 4 months to complete everything, including their teaching practicum. This means that on average, a participant should look to do at least 4 hours of work towards completing the course.

    Q What is the tuition?

    The 60-hour course costs $250, there is an additional $40 non-refundable registration fee.

    Q Do I have to possess prior English teaching experience to apply?

    No prior teaching experience is required to apply! We do recommend strongly though that applicants have at minimum a bachelor's or 2-year degree. Applicants without these are still able to find teaching positions, but they are fewer and far between!

    Q How do I apply?

    To apply, use this link:

    Q Why is our program unique?

    This program is unique because it was written by the team here at Promise Opens Doors. Our organization is a pioneer in the field of real-time, online EFL instruction, having classes with students in South Korea since 2005. The methodology and techniques that are delved into in the certificate course have been continually refined over this period of time.

    Additionally, unlike most other certificate programs which are offered by institutions, teaching practicum is part of our course. Simply put, there is no substitute for live practice. Our participants are able to apply the theory they learn in the course directly in the online classrooms that we run. And virtually every online TEFL employer will require a teacher to do a mock lesson or brief demonstration of their skills.

    Our participants gain absolute confidence that what they are learning are applicable skills and techniques for the online classroom.

    Q What is the accreditation or credibility status of our program?

    With accreditation in the works, our program is still as credible as they come. We have associations with numerous respected organizations in the TESOL industry, and this particular certificate is sponsored by our partner, Athena University.

    Q What exactly is this certificate?

    This certificate trains and equips teachers with skills, techniques, and approaches to be used successfully in the online English as a Foreign Language classroom.

    Experience has shown us that English as a second language classes taught in the online classroom best serve students between the junior-high to college age. The course is developed to train teachers to work with students in this age-group.

    This 60-hour course requires a background check and for the participant to sign a teacher contract.


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