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Equip yourself up for a successful career path as an English teacher with the 240 hour Professional TEFL course, our most comprehensive Accredited TEFL certification. Most TEFL employers prefer to hire teachers with a minimum of 120 hours of teacher training. Boost your earning potential by leaping up to our 240-hour Professional TEFL Course.

Here at the TEFL Institute of Ireland, 365 days a year, care for our learners is always our aim. The 240 Hour Professional TEFL Course is the only option when thinking about teaching English. A TEFL certification prepares you to teach English language skills. Teachers with a TEFL certificate from the TEFL Institute of Ireland will qualify you for teaching in more reputable schools.

However not every school requires a TEFL certificate. It will certainly though be a strong asset to put you in pole position for the job you desire. A TEFL course will give you skills on how to simplify English Grammar along with reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation.


The majority of TEFL employers, especially those offering attractive teaching salaries, prefer to hire teachers with a minimum of 120 hours of teacher training. Boost your earning potential by taking the step up to our 240 Advanced TEFL Course.

Part 1: 120-hour Premier TEFL Course

As part of the advanced online TEFL course, your core studies centre around ten full modules of expert teacher training.

Part 2: 30-hour Teaching IELTS Module

Boost your earning power with this short 7 module add-on course that’ll prepare you for teaching an IELTS class.

Taken by more than 3 million English learners annually, in over 140 countries, your studies in this topic will make you a hit with your new employer plus offer plenty of opportunity for private tuition classes.

Part 3: 30-hour Teaching TOEIC Module

Similarly to IELTS, the Test of English for International Communications is a global standard in English fluency. Primarily a workplace exam for those employed in international business it sees over 6 million test-takers annually.

Part 4: 30-hour Teaching Business English

English is the business langauge of the world. Put aside just 30-hours of online training, and become a specialist in teaching Business English. Add this qualification to your TEFL CV and stand out to employers.

Part 5: 30-hour Teaching Young Learners

Teaching Young Learners is one of the most rewarding specialist areas in the TEFL world. This course is your key to opening doors in this fulfilling career path. When teaching English to adults it is usually true that they have freely chosen to attend your class, something that cannot always be said when teaching young learners.

This Professional online TEFL course gives you 24/7 access, allowing you to study wherever and whenever you have the time. Therefore you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle. Become TEFL qualified within four weeks or less and open a new world of opportunities.

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    Q How do I get a TEFL certificate?

    The minimum required worldwide is to have at least the 120 Hour TEFL training.
    You can choose between fully accredited TEFL courses, Government Regulated Level 5 TEFL courses or combined TEFL courses. View all our courses here.

    Online TEFL courses are the most affordable & flexible way to launch your teaching career. This is a perfect way to study theoretical material at your own time & your own pace.

    Combined TEFL courses are offering both online & in-class studying. They are a fantastic opportunity to get two TEFL certificates (theoretical & practical). You will learn your theory from online material and then practice it with other teachers during the 10-hour practical session, accompanied and lectured by an experienced TEFL teacher.

    Before you choose your TEFL certificate, be aware to check if:

    It is fully accredited & recognised worldwide.
    You will gain at least 120 hours of training.
    You will have a tutor’s assistance.
    It is approved by an official body, such as TQUK & Ofqual in the United Kingdom.
    Make sure to check TEFL provider reviews on Google or
    You will have job support after completion.

    Q What is a TEFL certification?

    The “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) certificate, is the most commonly accepted certificate worldwide. This certificate allows you to teach English to non-native speakers across the globe. The main qualifications to get a TEFL is to have the ability to speak English at a native-level and then complete a course. You can complete a TEFL course either online or in a classroom. The different courses vary based on the number of hours it takes to complete.

    Q What’s the difference between Accredited TEFL Courses vs Government Regulated Level 5 TEFL Courses?

    Lots of people ask about the difference between our courses. For example, the 120-hour Premier TEFL course is what we would call one of our fast track courses. This is the minimum recognised worldwide.

    • You have 10 modules to complete usually taking 4 – 6 weeks
    • Each module has a multiple-choice test at the end and you need 80% to pass
    • You’ll get your digital certificate on completion and can buy a hard copy from us if you’d like one with an embossed logo immediately

    Looking at the 180-hour level 5 Ofqual-regulated TEFL course by comparison:

    • Learners spend typically 10 – 12 weeks to complete the 11 modules
    • Since it’s a UK government regulated level 5 course the pass mark is 100% and assessments are multiple-choice plus open-ended answers. Don’t worry, you can re-attempt quizzes in order to get 100%. Our academic team will review your answers at the end of your 11 modules and may ask for some questions to be reattempted (absolutely normal). Some questions may require to provide Academic references.
    • You’ll get your digital coursework completion certificate from us after module 11, and following successful assessment from our academic team, we’ll be able to claim the licence for your Ofqual (government) certificate from our accreditation body TQUK.
    The Ofqual-regulated course range is certainly for those people who want to gain a higher-level more recognised qualification.


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