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Take our 120 Hour Premier TEFL Course and becoming a fully accredited English teacher in less than four weeks with the fully accredited Premier TEFL online Course. Become a TEFL certified teacher and start travelling the world. This TEFL Course is your ticket to travel and teach abroad as well as online. Fantastic opportunities lie ahead.

Here at the TEFL Institute of Ireland, 365 days a year, care for our learners is always our aim. The 120 Hour Premier TEFL Course is the only option when thinking about teaching English. A TEFL certification prepares you to teach English language skills. Teachers with a TEFL certificate from the Tefl Institute of Ireland will qualify you for teaching in more reputable schools.

To earn the best salary and bag the best jobs, TEFL employers expect at least 120-hours of TEFL tuition. All you need to complete our 120-hour premier online TEFL course is fluent English and a taste for adventure and a device to access our award-winning learning platform. So embark on a new chapter with a lifetime qualification, training yourself in the primary areas of teaching English as a foreign language.

The premier online TEFL course gives you 24/7 access, allowing you to study wherever and whenever you have the time. Therefore you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle. Become TEFL qualified within four weeks or less and open a new world of opportunities.

As Irelands leading TEFL provider, you can have confidence in choosing a lifetime professional TEFL qualification with us. Consequently, our internationally recognised brand and specialised training courses have made our teachers some of the most sought after in the TEFL industry.

Choose from thousands of TEFL roles in dream destinations like SpainCambodiaVietnamThailand, Morocco and so much more. With our attentive and friendly course team, we are here to support you throughout each step of your training and guide you into your dream job.

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    Q How do I get a TEFL certificate?

    The minimum required worldwide is to have at least the 120 Hour TEFL training.

    You can choose between fully accredited TEFL courses, Government Regulated Level 5 TEFL courses or combined TEFL courses. View all our courses here.

    Online TEFL courses are the most affordable & flexible way to launch your teaching career. This is a perfect way to study theoretical material at your own time & your own pace.

    Combined TEFL courses are offering both online & in-class studying. They are a fantastic opportunity to get two TEFL certificates (theoretical & practical). You will learn your theory from online material and then practice it with other teachers during the 10-hour practical session, accompanied and lectured by an experienced TEFL teacher.

    Before you choose your TEFL certificate, be aware to check if:

    It is fully accredited & recognised worldwide.
    You will gain at least 120 hours of training.
    You will have a tutor’s assistance.
    It is approved by an official body, such as TQUK & Ofqual in the United Kingdom.
    Make sure to check TEFL provider reviews on Google or
    You will have job support after completion.

    Q Which TEFL course to take?

    Confused about which TEFL course to enrol in? Don’t worry, as long as you can speak English at a fluent or near-fluent level, then you are eligible to take one of the TEFL Institute of Ireland’s regulated TEFL courses.

    Non-native speakers do sometimes find the Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL course quite challenging and we understand it is essential for you to be sure that you are comfortable with your English language abilities before choosing which course to take. As a guide, we recommend that that non-native speakers have a minimum IELTS 6.5 score. If you are unsure you should take our FREE online level test below

    Complete The TEFL Institute of Ireland’s FREE English Level Test which has been designed to assist you with making this important decision. If you have any doubts, request a call, and we can discuss which course would suit your needs.


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