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Myanmar has only recently opened up to outsiders, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience Myanmar culture and lifestyle first-hand with our TEFL internship. Get out of your comfort zone and have an adventure Myanmar style! And get paid to do it! No degree? No problem! Complete our online Professional 120 hour TEFL course in the comfort of your home, and fly out to Yangon, Myanmar for a 5 day orientation program where you will meet up with teachers from all over the world and explore the language, culture, geography and history of your new students. Along with excursions to historic sites around Yangon, you will also be introduced to meditation, Buddhism, and Burmese boxing. There is something for everyone. After the orientation, you will be placed in a private or public school in Myanmar, sharing your knowledge to teach the future generation. Want to make a real difference in the world? Then Mayanmar is the destination for you!

Why Choose to Go With a TEFL Internship?

No Degree Required

Many TEFL positions will request either a 4 year degree, or multiple years of teaching experience. A MyTefl Internship allows you to teach immediately, and build up your resume.

No Teaching Experience Required

All you need is our TEFL and a positive attitude; we’ll provide the rest.

Work & Play With Other Interns From Around the World

You’ll complete in country orientations and often placements with other like-minded individuals, meaning lots of shared fun, excitement, adventures and lifelong friendships.

Simple and Safe

MyTefl does all the work, guiding you and ensuring you are in good hands every step of the way. Our teams on the ground pick you up directly from the airport, provide safe accommodation options, provide thorough orientation, and are there for 24/7 support. Placement schools are screened to ensure they meet the safety and quality standards of our programs. No hassles!

About the Program

  • 6 month paid program
  • Online and in-class TEFL Training
  • No degree required
  • Full salaried position
  • Amazing cultural experiences!

Program Benefits

  • 120 Hour TEFL Course – Accredited TEFL certificate recognized worldwide
  • Hands On Training – Real teaching experience that employers love to see
  • Accommodation – Full accommodations provided during orientation
  • Teaching Placement – After completing training, you’ll be placed in a local school
  • Salary – You will earn a full TEFL salary after completing orientation

Pre Trip

  • Complete your 120 Hour Online TEFL course
  • Make sure your vaccines are up to date
  • Purchase insurance
  • Purchase a plane ticket
  • Pack your bags!


After the orientation, our team will help revise and reformat your resume, adding audio or video components. We will organise interviews with potential employers, and help get you a 3, 6 or 12 month placement at a school, making sure you earn enough money to comfortably cover your expenses. You can expect to earn between $700 – $1200 USD per month location dependent.

Our placements include schools all over Myanmar, some in places where your students have rarely, if ever, been exposed to foreigners, so this is your chance to make a real, positive impact on their lives. All our schools are thoroughly vetted to make sure you teach in a safe, good environment. We help our teachers get safe, affordable accommodation during their stay.

You can request a 3 month (March semester only), 6 month or 12 month placement at no extra cost.

Post Program

Besides completing a 120 Hour TEFL, you will receive a letter of recommendation outlining the training you have received, and the teaching experience you have accumulated. This will go a long way when applying for future teaching positions anywhere in the world! Many of our graduates choose to travel throughout SE Asia after teaching and saving some money, while some may decide to stay in Myanmar and pick up a new TEFL position independently.

What’s Included

  • 120 Hour Online TEFL course
  • Pre-departure preparation assistance
  • Airport pickup & transfers from Yangon
  • 1 week Myanmar orientation
  • Cultural activities & excursions
  • Job placement with salary guarantee
  • Myanmar Sim card
  • 24/7 on the ground assistance in Myanmar


  • Applicants must be between 19 and 45 years old
  • Native English speaker
  • CA, US, UK, SA, AU, IR or NZ passport holder
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    Arrival & Accommodations

    Yangon: You will be met at the Yangon airport and taken to your accommodations in the city where you will be staying. Or, you might want to explore Yangon for a few days before getting into the training and teaching.

    Our program includes accommodations for the duration of the Orientation.

    You will also be provided with a local SIM card


    You will participate in a 5 day intense cultural orientation course, giving you information about your new temporary home – its geography, politics, language, and culture. You will learn basic communication, helpful phrases, and get an insight into Myanmar society.

    You will participate in cultural excursions to historic sites, take leisurely strolls around the city, get an introductory lesson in Buddhism, meditation, and even Burmese boxing!

    Use this time to make new friends, explore the area, sample new foods, and get an understanding of Myanmar.


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