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The Level 5 180 Hour Online TEFL Course: Kick-start your career

Boost your TEFL learning from basic to extensive with our Level 5 180 Hour Online TEFL Course. Through this comprehensive Course, not only will you be equipped with all the tools necessary to become a successful TEFL teacher, but your qualification will also be regarded more highly than the majority of TEFL qualifications due to its sought-after Level 5 status.

In case you’re wondering, this status essentially means that our Course has been regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation of the UK government (or Ofqual, for short) and has been deemed to be the equivalent of a foundation degree or a CELTA qualification – see our Course Comparison Page for more details. In short: the higher the qualification level, the more employable you become and the more you can potentially earn – win!

The Level 5 180 Online Course combines fundamental TEFL learning with more in-depth specialist modules to give you additional preparation for whatever your TEFL career could throw at you. What’s more, as the Course is 100% online-based, you’ll benefit from 24/7 access so that you can learn on the go and fit your studying around your lifestyle. Before you know it, you’ll be TEFL qualified and ready to start your extraordinary TEFL journey!


  • 180 hours of in-depth Level 5 TEFL training
  • Level 5 Government-regulated qualification
  • Boost your earning and employment potential
  • Support and feedback from DELTA-qualified tutors
  • Flexible online studying 24/7 from any device

Highly respected by employers internationally

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    Q Why should I take a Level 5 TEFL Course instead of a Level 3?

    We offer both Level 3 and Level 5 Courses but we’d always recommend taking a Level 5 Course if your budget can stretch to it. With a Level 5, you’ll be given even more job opportunities, an increased chance of earning more and you’re job applications will be prioritised over those with Level 3 Courses or lower.

    Q What will I learn?

    The Level 5 180 Hour Online TEFL Course will give you a thorough A-Z of TEFL so that you feel prepared and confident when it comes to stepping into that first classroom. If you’re new to teaching, don’t worry! Our training is intended to take you from a newbie to a seasoned pro in just a few short modules. Intrigued? Take a quick look at some of the topics you’ll cover:

    Develop and structure effective lesson plans
    Include relevant and engaging content for your lessons
    Deliver fun and informative grammar classes
    Adapt your lessons to accommodate younger learners
    The practicalities of TEFL teaching including managing a classroom


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