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This interactive, online TEFL course from TEFL UK consists of 13 modules that will help thoroughly prepare you for teaching TEFL.

Learn essential techniques such as effective classroom management, how to create inspiring lesson plans, grammatical awareness, motivation skills and how to teach young learners.

Your knowledge will be tested at every stage with interactive assignments reinforcing what you have learned.

Our courses have been written by seasoned TEFL professionals with a genuine passion for teaching.

Many of our course writers have a Masters in TESOL and have taught English in countries such as China, Japan Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam.

If you are looking to launch your TEFL career, the 120 hour Advanced Interactive course is the perfect place to start.

Becoming a great TEFL teacher takes preparation.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of training so that our graduates leave us with a wealth of lesson ideas, strategies and grammatical understanding.

What’s more, we also have access to thousands of international teaching jobs and internships so what are you waiting for?

Make the world your classroom and get TEFL qualified with TEFL UK today!

The TEFL UK 120 hour advanced TEFL course

The TEFL UK 120 hour advanced interactive TEFL course includes the following modules:

  • Starting Your TEFL Journey
  • Grammatical awareness
  • Lesson planning
  • Building a Lesson Plan
  • Using Games & Controlled Practice
  • Lexis, Phonology & Functional Language
  • Receptive skills – Listening
  • Receptive skills – Reading
  • Productive skills – Speaking (and Vocabulary)
  • Productive skills – Writing
  • Grammar Plus + DVD Lesson
  • Teaching children
  • Classroom survival tips
  • NEW – Shareable introduction video bonus unit

The course can be studied entirely on-line so you can learn from anywhere in the world.

Upon completion, you can print off your pdf certificate which will state that you have achieved a 120 hour TEFL qualification.

On-line support is provided and our alumni enjoy access to thousands of international TEFL jobs and internships.

We also have a dedicated job placement team in place with experienced TEFL experts on hand to help you achieve that dream teaching job overseas.

TEFL UK have had the pleasure of supporting over 26,000 students on their way to becoming TEFL qualified.

We look forward to supporting you on your TEFL journey!

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