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The Global TEFL Expert course will complement your TEFL/TESOL CV and your chances of getting a job will improve drastically when you have this internationally accredited certificate.

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    Q What are the prerequisites for taking Global TEFL online courses?

    There are no prerequisites to sign up for any of the courses. You must be at least 18 years old when you complete the course. There is no upper age limit. The course is very user friendly.

    Q Can non-native speakers of English take the courses?

    Yes, you must have a B2 level (Common European Framework) in the English language.

    Q Are the courses written in British English or American English?

    All the courses are written in British English. You may find words like centre (center for American English) or organised (organized for American English).

    Q Can I extend my course?

    Don't worry! You can purchase an extension of up to one year after your course has expired.

    These are the following prices:

    7 days extension is £12

    1 month extension is £25

    2 month extension is £35

    3 month extension is £45

    Q Can I get a hard copy of my certificate?

    If you need a hard copy of your certificate sent via regular mail, there is a cost of £24 per certificate. If you want a faster mail service such as DHL or FedEx, there is an additional fee. Our team will be glad to assist you once we know the country where it needs to be sent.

    Q How long does it take to complete the course?

    You have 6 months to complete the course.


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