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This Certificate in TEFL course consists of a series of 18 modules organized in 8 units completed entirely online and on a self-paced basis. Students have access to the course site as soon as they complete the application and payment process. This course does not have a start and finish date, and students have up to 180 days to complete all coursework. This course is suitable for those who need to complete their TEFL/TESOL Certificate in a short period of time or by a specific date.

Students receive a “120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate” upon receiving a “Pass” grade. Students who need or would like to add classroom experience can supplement this 120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate with a 20-hour Practicum offered onsite at CESL.

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    The Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) has been in operation at the University of Arizona since 1968 and is part of the College of Humanities. The University of Arizona is located in sunny Tucson, in the Sonoran Desert and less than an hour from the U.S.-Mexico border.

    CESL is the only language center in the State of Arizona accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and was recently granted re-accreditation at the center level, including its Teacher Training Program valid until 2029. We have offered TEFL/TESOL Certificate courses since 2006 and our graduates have taught all over the world. All CESL faculty have graduate degrees in TESOL, SLAT or Education and have years experience teaching English in the U.S. and abroad to students of all ages in all types of educational institutions.


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    Q What will I learn in this course?

    CESL's 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate course introduces people with not prior experience to the field of English language teaching. This course provides essential theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to plan, develop and teach English successfully in a variety of instructional settings.

    Q When does the course start?

    CESL's 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate course is offered entirely online on a self-paced basis, which means that students can start and finish the course at any time throughout the year.

    Q How long does it take to complete this course?

    CESL's 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate course takes about 120 hours to complete. Students are given 180 days (about 6 months) to complete all coursework, but most students need between two and four months.

    Q What is the course curriculum?

    CESL's 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate course consists of 18 modules:
    • Module 1: Language Fundamentals
    • Module 2: Language and Culture
    • Module 3: Second Language Acquisition
    • Module 4: The Teacher and the Classroom
    • Module 5: Classroom Management
    • Module 6: Curriculum and Syllabus Fundamentals
    • Module 7: Course Design
    • Module 8: Lesson Planning and Course Materials
    • Module 9: Trends in Language Teaching
    • Module 10: Teaching Tools and Techniques
    • Module 11: Teacher Development
    • Module 12: Pedagogy and Methodology
    • Module 13: Assessment and Student Evaluation
    • Module 14: Teaching Speaking
    • Module 15: Teaching Writing
    • Module 16: Teaching Reading
    • Module 17: Teaching Listening
    • Module 18: Teaching Grammar

    Q What are the admission requirements?

    In order to be admitted to our course, you need to meet the following requirements:
    • A minimum of two years of college-level coursework is required; however, applicants do not need to have a Bachelor's degree.
    • For students whose first language is not English, proof of English proficiency must be submitted.
    • You will need reliable internet connection.

    Q How much does the course cost?

    CESL's 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate course costs $585.00 for tuition, but applicants who indicate that DoTEFL is their Agent receive a $100.00 discount year round. In addition, students must pay a $30.00 application fee and a $20 technology fee. Applicants also pay a $15.00 domestic (within the US) mailing fee or a $60.00 international (outside the US) mailing. If you know you will apply for a work visa, you can also include a Notarization and Authentication fee that costs $40.00

    Q What else do I need to complete the course?

    You need to make sure that your desktop or laptop have a recent version of the operative system and browser, which are needed to view documents and watch videos. Students do not need to buy any books or materials; all content is available in the course site.

    Q Does the course include teaching practice?

    CESL's 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate course does not include a teaching Practicum because it is offered completely online. However, CESL does offer teaching Practicum onsite in our center in Tucson, Arizona, and students can add one if they want or need to have teaching experience in order to apply for jobs.


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