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This internationally recognized TEFL course with teaching practice in Prague is ideal for beginners; you don’t need any previous experience or to be degree qualified. Coordinated by English teaching professionals, you’ll learn all the fundamental skills you’ll need to teach English as a second language.

The majority of TEFL employers, especially those offering attractive teaching salaries, hire teachers with a minimum of 120 hours of teacher tuition.

Combining our self-paced online TEFL training with live teaching practice in Prague, with real students, is what will set you apart from the job-hunting crowd.

Your week-long teaching practice in Brno, Prague or Ostrava let’s you put into action everything you have learned to date, in a supported environment with beautiful surroundings.

What’s covered in the online course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to TEFL
  • Module 2: The role of the teacher
  • Module 3: Managing and organising learning
  • Module 4: Teaching grammar
  • Module 5: Teaching vocabulary
  • Module 6: Teaching pronunciation
  • Module 7: Teaching receptive skills
  • Module 8: Teaching productive skills
  • Module 9: Teaching English for different purposes
  • Module 10: From course to classroom

You’ll get:

  • 120 hour accredited online training
  • 65+ hours live teaching practice
  • Internationally recognized certificate
  • Personal tutor support
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Half-day city tour
  • City pick-up & transfers
  • 3 meals per day
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    After arrival lunch and your city tour, complete with views that include castles and châteaux from different historical periods, and world-famous red roof homes, you’ll grab the group transfer to your countryside resort location.

    Joined by native English speakers from around the globe you’ll be guided through the cultural do’s and don’ts plus mingle with fellow teachers; all in preparation to be paired with 20 eager English learners.

    Expect to clock up around 65 hours talk time each week, focusing on improved conversational language skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Enjoying a varied schedule of one-to-one and group activities you’ll practice your English teaching know-how gained during your 120 hour Advanced TEFL Course.

    Take full advantage of the picturesque surroundings and bring your lessons outside. Take a walk, sit by the pool and soak up everything that the Czech Republic has to offer.


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    Q Do I need to be a native English speaker?

    No! But you will need to be a fluent English speaker with a great command of English.

    Plus, we have one of the largest range of paid TEFL internships welcoming non-native English speakers.

    Q What score do I need to pass my course?

    Your course is marked through continuous assessment with end of module knowledge tests. You’ll need to score 100% to pass, and unlock the next module.

    If you don’t pass first time, you’ll be able to re-sit at no extra cost, so don’t worry.

    Q How long does a TEFL course take?

    The time taken to complete a TEFL course depends on how much study time you can dedicate each week and which duration of course or training package you choose.

    You’ll have 180 days (six months) to complete your TEFL course, which is typically twice as long as needed to finish our most comprehensive training courses.

    Fast-track Courses

    For example, on our fast-track 120 hour Advanced TEFL Course some students take four weeks to complete all materials while other students need eight to 10 weeks.

    Six weeks is the average time it takes for students to complete the 120 hour Advanced TEFL course.

    Ofqual-regulated Courses

    The average time taken to complete the 168 hour Level 5 TEFL Course is 10 to 15 weeks.


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