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At the World TESOL Academy, we focus solely on providing thorough TESOL/TEFL training at an affordable price range. Our aim is to ensure that people around the world have access to reliable and supported training with suitable assessments to leave you confident in your own abilities.

Our organisation values:

  • Education should be affordable
  • Education courses should provide a complete set of materials on the given topic
  • Education courses should be relevant to the modern environment
  • Self-study courses should come with access to real teacher support


As an education-based company, we believe these four pillars should be the focus of any distance-learning course. We strongly believe that TESOL/TEFL courses should focus on the education aspect of the course rather than the end goals.

Who can complete our course?

Our TESOL/TEFL course is designed for anybody with an interest in teaching English. Our training is open for people all around the world, including both native and non-native speakers, although we recommend that you should be confident with your English language abilities if you do plan to enroll.

How long does the course take?

The time you take to complete the course depends on your own schedule. You can complete it all at your own speed, with most people finishing the course within 1-3 weeks.

How does the payment work?

It’s a one-time payment with credit/debit card when starting the course. This covers the course, access to support, and your digital certificate. Hardcopies of your certificate can be purchased later if you wish to have one. It costs $25 for a hard copy to be printed and shipped to in a protective package for standard delivery, and $30 for express shipping.

TESOL or TEFL, what’s the difference?

TESOL and TEFL are both interchangeable terms to describe teaching English to non-native speakers. TESOL is an acronym that stands for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” while TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language.”

Why World TESOL Academy?

Unlike other course providers that put an emphasis on glossy brochures, social media campaigns, extra-add on packages, and other distractions, we put our focus into our course – the training that you’re counting on to support you through your new career in teaching. For overseas and online teaching, you’ll need to have that confidence in mind knowing that you’ve completed a thorough course, and that we’re here if you need any help.

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    At the World TESOL Academy we provide accessible TESOL/TEFL training for the modern world through our accredited 120-hour TESOL/TEFL course. A TESOL/TEFL certificate is an essential qualification requ...
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