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TEFL UNIVERSAL is a company created by teachers, for teachers. We focus on providing high quality and interesting accredited online TEFL courses, which are accessible to all.


TEFL Universal provides two different online courses:


120 Hour Online TEFL/TESOL Course – A 120 TEFL course is essential for those wishing to teach abroad. The course covers a wide spectrum of topics which are essential to anyone dreaming of teaching English as a foreign language to students in a classroom setting.


150 Hour Advanced Online TEFL/TESOL Course – The 150 hour course is ideal for those hoping to teach abroad or teach online. The course provides all the essential topics for those looking to teach in a classroom context, with an additional module that focuses on online teaching methods.


TEFL Universal also provides career advice to all students completing its course and can secure positions overseas and online for its alumni, if those candidates meet requirements set out by the hiring company.


TEFL Universal works with 50 overseas schools and 10 online institutions so it’s alumni are able to secure a large number of positions through the companies recruitment arm.


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