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At TEFL Campus we are committed to offering Phuket’s most comprehensive TESOL training course. Our accredited TEFL certification is licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Education and our two full-time trainers have over 20 years of combined experience training ESL and EFL teachers.

The course also employs two part-time trainers.  One trainer is the head of the English Department at Phuket’s most prestigious university; the other is a full-time primary school teacher at a local international school in Phuket Town.

TEFL Campus’ four trainers have over 30 years’ experience living in Thailand and SE Asia.  Between their professional backgrounds, local knowledge and dedication to their jobs, we’re confident we have one of Thailand’s most competent and professional training staff.

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    TEFL Campus

    120-hr Onsite TEFL/TESOL Training and Certification Course in Phuket

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    TEFL Campus is Phuket's longest-running, most well-recognized TEFL/TESOL certification and training program. Certificates issued are validated by Lamar University and all courses are independently mo...
    Phuket, Thailand
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    TEFL Campus

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