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Learn TEFL provides teacher training of the highest caliber. Our courses will ensure that when you graduate and become TEFL certified you are well-prepared and ready to teach English around the world.

Our tutors are experienced TEFL professionals, who have taught locally and internationally. Their expertise and wealth of knowledge will provide you with the support and guidance needed to ease through the course step by step effortlessly.

Our dedicated, experienced recruitment team will work on your behalf to find you the post that you desire. They will listen to your needs, guide you through the registration process, assist with CV preparation, explain interview techniques etc.



We guarantee that you receive the best service and training available before, during and after your course.



At Learn TEFL we aim to provide hassle-free and effective courses that inspire the professional and personal skills needed to succeed in teaching, not only within the classroom but also outside the classroom.

Our endeavor is to enable others to have the same life changing experiences that we have had teaching English abroad. Our online courses give everybody the opportunity to obtain the skills, confidence and qualifications to become the best and most recognised TEFL teachers around the world.

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    Learn TEFL 60 Hour Foundation TEFL Course

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    The Learn TEFL 60 hour Foundation TEFL Course will provide you with the core principles of teaching English as a foreign language. We offer quality, well-structured courses with easy to follow modules...

    Learn TEFL 120 Hour Professional TEFL Course

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    The Learn TEFL 120 hour TEFL Course is perfect to secure jobs and kickstart your TEFL journey. We offer quality, well-structured courses with easy to follow modules, and tutor support and job placemen...

    Learn TEFL 150 Hour Master TEFL Course

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    The Learn TEFL 150 hour Master TEFL course is our most comprehensive TEFL course. Having completed 150 hours of TEFL training, you will stand out from the rest of the competition. Tutor support and jo...
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