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Global English TESOL has been the home of accredited, online TESOL courses in the UK since 1997 with unique options and specialisms like our flexible in-class practicum, local to you and our teaching English online and business English courses.

Want to join our thousands of trainees teaching online or overseas? With accredited online TESOL courses from 120 – 300 hours, we’ll take you from beginner to expert step-by-step.

Train on our dedicated interactive platform in your own time and at your own pace with the full support of a personal tutor who is with you every step of the way. Or, if you prefer to print and read offline, you can do on the ‘offline’ version of our course. We offer maximum support and flexibility.

Start today with Global English TESOL and open up the world of online or overseas teaching. We’ll link you to major job sites and companies and equip you for TESOL success.

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    300 hour TESOL Professional Course

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    You will only take one TESOL, and with our 300 hour TESOL Professional Course you can rest assured that it is in-depth and advanced enough to make you stand out and get noticed by employers. This exte...